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November 11, 2018: 4th Degree Knights of Columbus

Saint Patrick Architecture Articles ( Part 1) ( Part 2) ( Part 3)
Lenten Talks with Rev. Shawn Landenwitch:

In the Garden of Eden, 2018 Lenten Talk ( Part 1) ( Part 2) ( Part 3)
Bread from Heaven, 2017 Lenten Talk ( Part 1) ( Part 2) ( Part 3)
Why Be Catholic, 2016 Lenten Talk ( Part 1) ( Part 2) ( Part 3)


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November 5th-9th 2018:

From 11/5-11/9 there will be no Masses or Funerals as restoring will be taking place for the new floors on the altar.
November 1st 2018:

All Saints Day Mass (Holy Day of Obligation)
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October 20th & 27th 2018:

"The Truth of America's Founding - Your Heritage and Mine" Seminar
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October 14th 2018:

Local residents gather downtown to pray the Rosary
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October 9th 2018:

Treasures of faith: Stations of the Cross installed at St. Patrick Catholic Church
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September 30th 2018:

Stations of the Cross arrive at St. Patrick Church in Bellefontaine
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April 15th 2018:

First Communion at Saint Patrick Catholic Church.
With Rev. Shawn Landenwitch. Listen to First Communion Homily.

First Communion 2018